Belgian Sceneries for X-Plane 11

I'm proud to tell you that i have modeled many objects for the scenery of Belgium. Essentially many little airfields like EBBZ (Buzet), EBCF (Cerfontaine), EBGB (Grimbergen) as well as bigger airports like EBBR (Brussels airport), EBBL (Kleine-Brogel), EBOS (Oostende) but also a few landmarks. You can see the full list of airports (with screenshots) i made in 3D for the FlightGear Flight Simulator project. I'm now in the process to update the data and to convert this scenery for X-Plane 11.

So far, i have converted the following airfields for X-Plane 11 and which are included in the Belgian Sceneries for X-Plane:


You can watch the work in progress video's on the dedicated YouTube playlist:

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You can download the sceneries here. This download includes the airfields EBAV, EBAW, EBBL, EBBY, EBBZ, EBCF, EBGB, EBOS, EBSG, EBSW, EBTY.