FlightGear Flight Simulator

Welcome on my dedicated FlightGear Flight Simulator page. FlightGear is an amazing open source flight simulator. On this page you will essentially find links pointing to my contributions to the FlightGear Flight Simulator project. As i'm a serious aviation enthusiast, i had no choice to contribute to this awesome open source project :)

FlightGear Belgian scenery

I'm proud to tell you that i have modeled many objects for the scenery of Belgium. Essentially many little airfields like EBBZ (Buzet), EBCF (Cerfontaine), EBGB (Grimbergen) as well as bigger airports like EBBR (Brussels airport), EBBL (Kleine-Brogel), EBOS (Oostende). You can see the full list of airports (with screenshots) i made in 3D for FlightGear.

The scenery i made is already partially available to download in game with TerraSync. However, as this scenery is in constant development, i strongly recommend at this stage to use the development version of the scenery which you can find in my dedicated git repository here: https://github.com/dvanmosselbeen/flightgear-belgian-custom-scenery

Here a quick demo video of the sceneries:

See also the dedicated FlightGear Belgian Scenery Youtube Playlist

Rans S-6S aircraft

You can get more information and download the aircraft here: https://github.com/dvanmosselbeen/Rans-S-6S

Tipsy Nipper aircraft

This aircraft is in it's early stage and doesn't fly yet. The engine doesn't start.

You can get more information and download the aircraft here: https://github.com/dvanmosselbeen/Tipsy-Nipper