UI and UX Design Research

This section is dedicated to my UI & UX Design Research. To show off a few bits I made which I can show here. I have obtained my Google UX Design Professional Certification in the past, followed a few Udemy classes about UI / UX Design and Illustrator.

For this UX portfolio, I opted to make design and researches for the NBU's (Next Billion Users), as this is the way to go, and these little "apps" fits the common use, smartphones.

UX Design Case Study - O-Food Restaurant

An app to order healthy food online and let it deliver to your home.


UX Design Case Study - Food Bank Locator

An app to quickly find food banks, find out to see if there's still food in the food bank and to reserve food to pick it up at convenience.


Vaccine Volunteering Program

The Vaccine Volunteering Program is a website which allow people to subscribe to the program, so that they will get informed when they can get their vaccine. Based on mobile-first principles and should be easy to upscale to desktop website.


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