Everything and what not.

A flight arround Charleroi with the Cessna F152 II (OO CRG)  

Plug & Play  

Andy's Toy (Story)  

Pontiac Watch  

Pontiac Watch  

Maes Pils - This is just dope. Not this beer, but this shallow depth of field.  

Maes beer  

Liefmans Kriek  

Audio mixing table  

Halle Station by night  

A Ferrari 458 Italia, but then a made in China version  

Express Cargo, the universal way  

The wheel of fortune  


Need to go shopping? Space enough in my trunk.  

Look my big American dick  

4x4 and no question about polution please  

Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon  


8th Tailwheel Meet at EBGG  

Check it before usage  

Control that  

Parked next to my place  

ID car  

(4x4)x2 = 8 wheels  

Pitts S-2C Aircraft  

More clean than the average car.  

8th Tailwheel Meet at EBGG  

Piper J-3C-65 Cub Aircraft  

VW Beetle  

The Doors - VW Beetle  

Bad ass - VW Beetle  

Ford Mustang  

Ford Mustang  




Galeries Royales St Hubert - Galerie du roi  

Brussels street  

Brussels Town Hall  


Industrial mess, some call that URBEX  





Old style Uber - The typical Mercedez Benz, in Marrakech  

What's up?  

Break me  

Lunar eclipse (Red Moon) on 28-09-2015  

Morris Minor