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Hello World 2.0!

What's up?

From today on, we start testing WordPress to use it eventually in the future for our website. This WordPress stuff is a new toy and it will take a lot of time before we eventually completely migrate the website.

The current main website, made with Koken will not continued to be customized and used in the long run, as the Koken company seems to be dead and with no future. So we have no choice to find a new good tool.

Previously we already used to use Drupal, Joomla, webpy, TurboGears as webframeworks, as even i wrote a few CMS webframes myself back in the begin of the 2000.

For now, the new WordPress is installed locally and isn’t really accesible by the web. I say this way, because everything is possible and soon it will be first launched thought a sub domain hidden somehow. But i will tell later more about this.