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Hello World 3.6 Phase 3 Plan 8 Bis E

Plug & Play

The new WordPress website is ready to go online. Or should I say, was ready. Broke it again. No user error, but bad boy error. I [SENSORED] it up again. Even so bad I have blown up the database. Everything all over the floor. What an idea to hack yourself?!

Well, I confess, it was fun and challenging. Learned again new things. I love that. I love less the mess it made, the time I wasted to set that up to my needs. Wasted tons of time, to add my data into this website. This all for nothing. For the 36rd time I [SENSORED] my own tools. But at the same time, I did it before someone else do it. We are never better served by ourselves.

So, I will stick a bit longer with the current website. Still did not broke this one.

You Sweet Software, I Love You