I forgot my password again

Break me

Note to myself. As I tend to forget my user account with it's associated password.

User id: user6176438

Sha-1 Password: b64a585bc97221a7b654e437afb3fdcfa8d4d443

Note to myself #2. Do not forget I wrote it here.

Mayday Mayday

Control that

The Nope Checklist:

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
Okay, but what I'm supposed to use if I want to avoid the most popular Content Management Systems? These popular CMS are very nice. With a lot of fancy features which help us to set up a professional and nice looking website in 1 2 3. But you know, fancy features open the door for fancy bugs and holes. Security flaws, vulnerabilities...
The core of theses CMS are most of the time secure. Well, I exclude user errors, misconfigurations. But running a bare minimal CMS is not so fancy and very limiting. People, visitors like to see fancy stuff, me too. So to pass that barrier, we install fancy add-ons and template frameworks. Without knowing what is going on in the background. But then the real issue start to happen if we are not very careful. Because it is very difficult to follow up all vulnerabilities. For many of these add-ons, these vulnerabilities are not published, because they are not know. Some developers also opt for "Security By Obscurity", but that is very bad path to take.
Building up a CMS from scratch is very tedious, very risky too. Have done that in the past, a few actually in PHP, in Python and even more, but I should not tell to much. And all that, takes ages and requires a lot of resources. I also request serious expertise in various domains. That's team work, because alone, you can not have all these needed expertise. In other words, that cost a lot of money. Because people do not work for free. For fame, yes!
Maybe I should jump back to a static HTML website. Without JavaScript. OMG, I can not even imagine that.

User Error v10.

Brussels Town Hall

I wonder how it came I started writing English blog posts here. This is a Dutch, excuse me, a Flemish website. I'm a bit tired to make Multilanguage personal websites. Done that, been there several times. Nobody read that, I can tell you, I have seen the logs, the stats. So much efforts for so less in return. However, I should maybe switch back the site completely in English only.

Hello World 3.6 Phase 3 Plan 8 Bis E

Plug & Play

The new WordPress website is ready to go online. Or should I say, was ready. Broke it again. No user error, but bad boy error. I [SENSORED] it up again. Even so bad I have blown up the database. Everything all over the floor. What an idea to hack yourself?!

Well, I confess, it was fun and challenging. Learned again new things. I love that. I love less the mess it made, the time I wasted to set that up to my needs. Wasted tons of time, to add my data into this website. This all for nothing. For the 36rd time I [SENSORED] my own tools. But at the same time, I did it before someone else do it. We are never better served by ourselves.

So, I will stick a bit longer with the current website. Still did not broke this one.

You Sweet Software, I Love You

Hello World 2.0!

What's up?

From today on, we start testing WordPress to use it eventually in the future for our website. This WordPress stuff is a new toy and it will take a lot of time before we eventually completely migrate the website.

The current main website, made with Koken will not continued to be customized and used in the long run, as the Koken company seems to be dead and with no future. So we have no choice to find a new good tool.

Previously we already used to use Drupal, Joomla, webpy, TurboGears as webframeworks, as even i wrote a few CMS webframes myself back in the begin of the 2000.

For now, the new WordPress is installed locally and isn’t really accesible by the web. I say this way, because everything is possible and soon it will be first launched thought a sub domain hidden somehow. But i will tell later more about this.